The Future of Technology

I heard a great quote the other day at the UTC hall of fame that I wanted to share.

The quote came from Stanford Business School’s Magazine. It was from
the school’s former chairman of the board of trustees, and successful
private investor and entrepreneur Issac Stein.He said:
“We need to train our Graduate Business School students
for leadership in solving problems that have not yet been defined, with
technology that has not yet been invented.”

Those who think that the best days in high tech were the 80’s and 90’s should be aware of the oft-quoted IBM exec who once said that the world would have use for maybe 5 computers at most. While times are certainly different than the garage-based startups turned huge successes, there are still plenty of great technological advances to be made.

The best is certainly ahead of us from a technology standpoint. Personally, I love the high tech industry, and look forward to the exciting days ahead.

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