Dr. Ken Knapton is an experienced technology leader and family man. Ken holds 3 U.S. patents for his early work on plug and play software design, and has earned multiple academic degrees including a Doctorate of Information Technology, dual Masters degrees in Business Management and Information Technology, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems. Dr. Knapton’s doctoral dissertation was a study of big data governance including the ethical use of personal information.

Ken is a virtual CIO through his business, Rocky Mountain CIO. He is also a frequent speaker on the topic of Cyber Safety, with a focus on helping parents establish and maintain their individual family technology standards.

Dr. Knapton's latest book, Unveiling Tech Debt, is a guide for business leaders as they attempt to address the challenges that arise from debt-riddled tech stack in modern enterprises. The book describes real world examples of the effects of tech debt as seen in his decades in the CIO seat. Dr. Knapton also provides clear guidance that CIOs can use immediately to quantify, measure and manage their tech debt.