Missed again…

One of the most popular dating sites, which claims to be chasing Match.com this year, is run by one man out of his home. PlentyOfFish.com claims to generate over $10,000 a day in ad revenues, as documented in this video. In the video you can see a check from Google, which he also posted a picture of, for just under $1M, which was earned in about 2 months, as claimed on his blog. The Wall Street Journal reported that Google did indeed verify that this was a valid check.

I must be in the wrong business. With technologies like Bungee Labs now making web development “so easy a caveman can do it”, and with Google paying out the wazoo for ad placement, just about anyone can make a website and make themselves a ton of cash-ola.

Sounds a lot like the dot-com boom all over again…only this time the cash is flowing. I guess I need to come up with a great idea that I can support with AdSense revenues…

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