Chemotherapy Day 3

I am the only patient in the chemotherapy room this morning. It makes it nice for making a few work-related phone calls and meetings that I need to catch up on today.

Yesterday was a good day again. The nausea is staying under control, and for the most part I am feeling well. I participated in a meeting at work after therapy yesterday, and I could feel my body starting to shut down toward the end of the meeting, but I made it home before I got too groggy. Around 4 pm each day I have been taking a nap for a few hours – it is strange to wake up when it is dark outside. It seems to take a while to come out of it – almost like when I was trying to wake from the anesthesia after my operation.

Yesterday it felt like the vein they were pumping the drugs into was starting to complain. I could feel some burning sensations, and the I/V started to slow down – they had to hook me up to a pump. When we had some similar symptoms this morning, they decided to try a different vein, so I had to get stuck again. It is doing much better now, and hopefully we can stay with this vein for the rest of this week.

All in all, things are going well. No side-effects yet – food still tastes OK, and I am keeping it all down. Just a but tired in the late afternoons.

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  1. Ken,

    I wanted to thank you for your incredible posts. It has been inspiring to read what you are willing to share about your current situation and experience. I can only imagine that your positive mindset, and support from family and friends, will allow you to kick this thing and maybe demonstrate to others how to be with this.

    Again … thank you for sharing!

    Scott C. Lemon

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