Adult Industry Bailout? You’ve got to be kidding…

Fox Business reported this week that the Adult Entertainment industry (which is really just a politically correct way to say the Porn industry) wants to ask congress for some bailout money. This is obviously nothing more than a marketing stunt, and is not a serious request in any way. As was reported by Fox News 5 in Las Vegas the next day, the Adult Entertainment industry is actually booming, and doesn’t appear to be affected by the slowing economy at all. They report that “The porn industry generated $12 billion in 2007, and it is not showing any real signs of slowing down.”

Of greatest concern to me, however, are the following comments from the two articles:

“our Internet sales are up”

“…video sales have been falling by 15 percent a year since 2005, but the producers and filmmakers said that market segment is being replaced by Video On Demand and online streaming.”

“The press release noted that DVD sales and rentals for the adult industry have decreased by 22% in the past year, partially because people are turning more and more to the Internet for adult content.”

The bottom line is this: the Internet is indeed fueling the growth of the porn industry. Much of the content is free, with the express purpose of getting people to pay to be able to view more of the content – much like drug dealers who give drugs away for free in the hopes of getting a new paying customer.

And remember – anything that is available to adults is also available to our children – the Internet has extremely poor age-identification mechanisms.

If you are a parent whose children are online, do not let your guard down. The porn industry is growing, and our children are smack in the middle of that growth curve.

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